The apostrophe

Oh what am I doing trying to write this blog in English, when I cannot even spell the word in this title? Thank Goddess I consulted Google and had time to change the y for an e before I pressed publish. Then again, my blog has zero readers so far, so the damage would have been fairly small. But right should always be right, right?

To the subject. The apostrophe is a cause for confusion even among native English speakers, I gather. It is also an increasingly popular linguistic gadget in other languages, French for instance. In Swedish it is constantly mixed up with the accent.

In English, the apostrophe marks either possession or omission – I get that. My problem – apparently – is the distinction between plural and possession. In my CV, I faultily  wrote that I have “x year’s experience”. It didn’t feel right, so I decided to google around. In this case, there should be an apostrophe after the s, reason being that years in plural already ends with an s. Had it not done so, the apostrophe should have been placed at the end of the word, before an s. Check if you don’t believe me 🙂

Phew, I never thought this was complicated in school…


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