CAT tools

Despite the name, CAT tools have absolutely nothing to do with cats. The acronym stands for Computer Assisted Translation and CAT tools are essential to most translators nowadays. So I’ve heard. Here are the reasons:

  • They help translators handle a wide range of formats.
  • They can store and memorize dictionaries and glossaries hence creating translation memories, generally making the process of translating more effective.
  • They divide the translation material into segments, making it easier to overlook for the translator.

I humbly admit that CAT tools have many many many more qualities and benefits, I just don’t know them yet.

Having read up quite a lot on the subject, my own choice fell on SDL Trados. I went with the big one because it is the big one – Trados is dominating the market. I hope I won’t regret it, because a big part of me actually wanted to go with MemoQ. According to my research, the latter is more intuitive, has better customer support and generally (and very subjectively) a better feel to it. To be continued.



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