Dear blog,

I’m sorry. I have been thinking lots about you lately, but I guess I’m not the bloggess I thought I was. It’s not you – it’s me. Perhaps things will work better between us in the future? Can we please remain friends?


When the world is going bananas it is comforting to have little things to cherish – such as the tiny two letter word Ms. The title that no one really knows how to pronounce. I insist on using it – I don’t want to be defined by my marital status. When being introduced to a… Continue reading Ms

CAT tools

Despite the name, CAT tools have absolutely nothing to do with cats. The acronym stands for Computer Assisted Translation and CAT tools are essential to most translators nowadays. So I’ve heard. Here are the reasons: They help translators handle a wide range of formats. They can store and memorize dictionaries and glossaries hence creating translation… Continue reading CAT tools